-> Spring. 2024 - ongoing

-> Fabrics knitted with conductive, wool, cotton, and polyester yarns, bespoke software, microcontroller, projector, speaker, custom pedestal.

-> variable size (exhibition display with pedestals: 72’’ x 18’’ x 36’’)

-> Collborated with Yutong Li, RISD MFA Textiles 25’

Patterned Language is a collaborative project between textile artists, poets, and writers. The process starts from a set of instructions–which generates patterns and drives the creation of poems–and the output then gets materialized with machine knitting techniques and a typewriter. When the knitted fabrics are touched, projection of  the poems will be activated in the form of a digital knit.


Special thanks to Yutong Li, RISD MFA Textiles 25’, for her significant contributions to the machine knitting techniques used in this work.