-> In colaboration with Seung Ho Jeon
-> Various objects presented in a cabinet:
Video displayed on a CRT TV, a series of 4 flipbooks, a view-master and 3 custom reels, a self-published dictionary of acrostics.
-> 31.75’’ x 20.5’’ x 27.75’’
-> Jan. 2024

Cabinet of Artificial Memories is an experiment in which digital artifacts bleed into the physical world through various media: flipbooks and animation created with a self-trained AI model, view-master and reels of fantastical photos, and a dictionary composed of GPT-generated acrostic poems. Each piece represents a significant technological revolution: from traditional print media to the Victorian era invention of stereoscopy, from the modern popularization of cathode ray tube TVs to the state-of-art Generative AI. These vessels hold contents generated by Artificial Intelligence under the artists’ manipulation, presented in a hand-crafted cabinet, weaving the history of technology within the aesthetics of nostalgia and romanticism. What is the algorithm: a tool for society’s advancement, an adversary to human endeavor, a threat to societal equality, or an escape from the physical world? Hasn’t it always been the pursuit of humanity to venture into the unexplored territories that technology has unveiled? When output from AI is of high enough fidelity, who decides if it's art or not? This series of works strive to capture the modernity of our technologically oriented society and invites the audience to explore the implications of a physical and virtual presence.

Thank you Gery Vargas for apprearing in the photos:)