-> Spring. 2024
-> Embroidery with conductive threads and beads, bespoke software, microcontroller, projector, speaker, custom frame.
-> 35’’ x 24’’

Thread in the Air is an electronic textile piece incorporating responsive audio and projection on textiles. In the digital world projected on a physical tactile surface, words emulate the structure and movements of threads and cloth–they would sway, fold, or tear–responding to the audience’s touch. “To weave is to speak,” the identical etymology of "textile" and "text" in ancient languages seems to remind us of the intertwined relationship between the two notions. In the moment of being touched, narratives are experienced in a non-linear way, text and textiles merging into an integrity. Threads in the Air is an embodiment of how threads and fabrics shape words, thoughts, and narratives.

The following photos were taken at Art School Confidential (ASC) Ep. 9 presented by MASARY
Photos by Aram Boghosian.