¡wénrán zhào! is an interdisciplinary artist who works with code, language, textiles and technology. She looks at the ever-evolving technology – touch screens, XR, Artificial Intelligence, and many more–in an anachronistic way. Her works augment tactile objects with bespoke software, exploring the textures of technology and reinterpreting semiotics in the context of sensorial experiences. At the heart of her world lies relationality: complex networks constructed by "signs", "noise", and "heat".

She holds a bachelor’s degree from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and will obtain her MFA degree in Digital + Media at Rhode Island School of Design in 2024. Her installations have been exhibited at various venues in Hong Kong, London, and Providence. Her digital writing works have been published in Taper, The New River Journal and the RISD museum's publication. She is a recipient of NMC Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Award, and Explorations in Forced Migration Research Fellowship from RISD.

This summer, she is presenting her AI language work at International Symposium of Electronic Art 2024 and Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) Conference.